Bakers Eddy celebrate the joys of cycling on jaunty new single ‘Hi-Vis Baby’

“The song’s just about riding my bike," frontman Ciarann Babbington quipped

Bakers Eddy have returned with ‘Hi-Vis Baby’, a new preview of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Love Boredom Bicycles’.

The song, released today (January 18), was written by frontman Ciarann Babbington about his love of bike riding. “Unfortunately, it’s not metaphorical,” he quipped in a press statement. “I just really like riding my bike and I hate it when dickheads in [four-wheel drives] cut you off and run you off the road.”

Babbington went on to note that the song’s lyrics were “supposed to be placeholders,” but were retained following the demoing process. “I started listening to it while riding and it felt badass, so we kept them in,” he reasoned.


Watch the lyric video for ‘Hi-Vis Baby’ below:

Expanding on the band’s ambitions for the single, Babbington said: “We really tried to pull some nostalgic energy into the song, particularly in the chorus. We were influenced by bands like Joy Division and [the] Pixies, who are masters at weird melancholic gut-turning nostalgia – but we added a really chaotic surfy beat.

“We also channeled the Beach Boys with the backing vocals – which I had to record on my hands and knees to hit, it’s so high.”

‘Hi-Vis Baby’ comes as the fifth song to be shared from ‘Love Boredom Bicycles’, following ’21’ last March, ‘Concertina’ in June, ‘Space Is Nothing’ in July and ‘My Baby’s Like Cigarettes’ in November. The album was initially set for release last October, thoughSeptember saw it postponed so that the band would be able to tour it upon release. It’s now slated to land on March 25 via Ivy League.


NME recently named ‘Love Boredom Bicycles’ as one of the most anticipated local releases of 2022, writing that the album “is well worth the wait: the Melbourne-via-Wellington outfit meld pop-punk motifs with jaunty surf-rock jams (and one tastefully rebellious hardcore belter) for a record that’s bright, punchy and a whole lot of fun.”

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