Ball Park Music announce new title of their upcoming album

It will no longer be called 'Mostly Sunny'

Ball Park Music will no longer title their forthcoming album ‘Mostly Sunny’ as previously announced, lead singer-songwriter Sam Cromack told NME Australia in an exclusive interview last week. Now, they have confirmed the new title for the record: ‘Ball Park Music’.

Cromack cited a number of reasons for the change, saying ‘Mostly Sunny’ felt “too optimistic” with “everything changing”. He would not reveal what the new title would be, as he said the band were discussions about it up until the day he spoke to NME Australia, but did say “it’ll probably make you laugh when you find out that I kept it from you.”

On April 23, triple j reported that Ball Park Music’s new record will be a self-titled one. “”We’ve been talking about it for years, waiting for the right album to do it and we were finally like ‘let’s do it!’” Cromack told triple j.


Ball Park Music announced their new album by releasing the first single ‘Spark Up!’ last month. A release date for the record has not been confirmed, though it will be out later in the year.

The title of ‘Mostly Sunny’ “did feel like a continuation of [the band’s 2018 album] ‘Good Mood’,” Cromack said. “I don’t know, I think we’re just seeing everything in a brand new light all of a sudden and we were like ‘Nup. This album feels different, we know it in our heart’.”

According to Cromack, the original title of ‘Mostly Sunny’ came simply from watching the weather segment of the news with his wife.

“They were saying ‘mostly sunny’ as they always are in Brisbane and I said to her ‘that sounds like something we should call our record’. It sounds like a Ball Park album,” he said.

As the work on the album progressed, Cromack said the title no longer felt right.

“As we tied up all the loose ends and finished it, we realised there was this overarching narrative to it and we just wanted to change it. We haven’t told everyone that yet and it feels kind of clumsy, we’ve never decided to change an album title before, but that’s what we’re doing to do,” he added.


In the same interview with NME Australia, Cromack revealed the band have a full album of ‘Good Mood’ demos “just sitting there” for release. Keep an eye out for the full interview with Cromack arriving soon.