Ball Park Music are selling their own face masks

Sporting the smirking moon from the cover of their forthcoming album

Ball Park Music have debuted their own range of face masks.

The Brisbane indie pop band shared the new merch line on Twitter yesterday, riffing on the lyrics of their single ‘Spark Up’: “Life is short/The doors are shut/I say we mask up”.

The masks features the band’s name in small text and the smirking moon set to adorn the cover of their forthcoming eponymous sixth album.


A description of the product emphasises that it is non-medical grade, although it does meet the Victorian DHHS’s recommendation that a fitted face mask should have “three layers of materials, including a water-resistant outer layer” to help prevent spread of COVID-19.

Ball Park’s face masks are set to ship from the first week of September, and are currently available for pre-order here.

The band’s self-titled album is set to be released on October 23, featuring singles ‘Spark Up’, and ‘Day and Age’. Ball Park Music will premiere a live performance of ‘Day and Age’ from Prawn Records HQ on Friday (August 7).

The record was originally going to be called ‘Mostly Sunny’, though the band changed it after its announcement during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.


“The title of ‘Mostly Sunny’ “did feel like a continuation of [the band’s 2018 album] ‘Good Mood’,” frontman Sam Cromack told NME in April. “I don’t know, I think we’re just seeing everything in a brand new light all of a sudden and we were like ‘Nup. This album feels different, we know it in our heart’.”