Ball Park Music confirm release date of self-titled album, unveil cover art

The album is set for release October 23

Ball Park Music have shared the cover art of their self-titled album ahead of its release later this year.

The album cover depicts not much else beyond the giant, smiling yellow moon that’s front and centre. Check out the artwork below:

The album art for Ball Park Music's self-titled album
CREDIT: Press.


‘Ball Park Music’ will be released on October 23 and is available to preorder now. The album was tentatively called ‘Mostly Sunny’, but the name was changed back in April.

Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack said there were many reasons for the name change, including it being “too optimistic” in light of the coronavirus pandemic, but it was partially because they felt they had created something special with this record.

“This album feels different, we know it in our heart… We realised there was this overarching narrative to it and we just wanted to change it,” he told NME Australia back in April.

“We’re just seeing everything in a brand-new light all of a sudden.”

Two singles have been released from the record, ‘Spark Up!‘ and ‘Day & Age‘. The band have also teased tour dates for February next year.


Ball Park Music were set to take part in a Melbourne drive-in concert series, but the event was forced to cancel as the state experienced a surge in active COVID-19 cases.