Ball Park Music might release a full album of ‘Good Mood’ demos

"It’s just sort of serendipitous that we have really tidy demo versions of every single song"

Ball Park Music have a full album of ‘Good Mood’ demos “just sitting there” for release, lead singer-songwriter Sam Cromack told NME Australia in an exclusive interview earlier this week.

The 2018 album, featuring the popular singles ‘Exactly How You Are’ and ‘The Perfect Life Does Not Exist’, marked the first time where the band had done “tidy” demos of every song, Cromack said.

Releasing the collection of demos was on Cromack’s mind before the pandemic set in. “[It’s] something I just thought would be a cool idea anyway, but now we might actually do it, now that push has come to shove,” he said.


Ball Park Music Mostly Sunny Spark Up
Credit: Press

“Being the big Beatles fan that I am – as they did the big 50-year anniversary editions of some of their albums, they had all of this amazing content with outtakes and demos and all this fascinating stuff. And I’ve always known – we’re not that band, like not as many people give a fuck about what we’re doing, so don’t get ahead of yourself and release all this shit that’s really not that interesting.

“But with that album, it’s just sort of serendipitous that we have really tidy demo versions of every single song.”

The idea for the release came to Cromack after he doodled a version of its album cover.

“I drew a stick figure version of the ‘Good Mood’ cover of someone riding a horse. And then I was like, ‘What would be a cool cover for like the demos of that album. We should put out a demo version of the whole album!'”


But Cromack said he was unsure if the demo album would be released this year, because he didn’t want to “confuse or distract people” from the new album Ball Park Music are due to release later in 2020. The band released the first single ‘Spark Up!’ last month.

“[The demo album is] sort of like done – it’s just sitting there, there’s nothing crazy involved in releasing it. I guess you just have to make your classic boring considerations of fitting it in with us putting out a new record.”

“If it was up to me I’d just put it out tomorrow, [but I] don’t wanna confuse or distract people as we’re trying to keep the spotlight on the brand-new studio recordings that we’ve done. Something in the arsenal that we can put out if we want to. I think we will – I think it’d be cool.”

Keep an eye out for the full interview with Cromack arriving on NME Australia soon.