Bananagun share bonus track ‘Crane in the Tiger’s Mouth’ from newly-reissued debut 7″

The band's long-out-of-print 'Do Yeah' 7" has been reissued by Anti Fade

Sprawling Melbourne collective Bananagun recently reissued their debut 7″ single ‘Do Yeah’ with a bonus track titled ‘Crane in the Tiger’s Mouth’.

The song was recorded during the same sessions as the 2019 release, and while it later appeared on a reissued UK edition of the 7″, it had never been formally released in Australia.

‘Crane in the Tiger’s Mouth’ sees the band introduce some jazzier elements to their esoteric psych-pop, with flute and harpsichord gliding above off-kilter rhythms and ba-ba group vocals. Listen below:


The new vinyl reissue of ‘Do Yeah’ comes courtesy of Anti Fade, and arrived earlier this week. The release is limited to 500 copies, with the first 150 on red vinyl, and is available here via Bandcamp.

This year has seen Bananagun follow up ‘Do Yeah’ with their debut album ‘The True Story of Bananagun’. In a four-star reviewNME said the album sees the band “successfully blend genres with ease” as they “thrillingly leap through whole musical movements from one note to the next”.

“In a world where vintage and psych-infused sounds are just about everywhere you look (especially on Australian shores), Bananagun have boldly hammered their stamp on the genre at the first attempt.”