Banoffee mourns the best sex of her life on new single ‘Never Get to F*ck Any1’

On which she “deals with the unspoken second part of breakups”

Melbourne hyperpop artist Banoffee has shared the latest cut from her forthcoming second album, an ethereal new single titled ‘Never Get to F*ck Any1’.

Released today (September 15), the new track shimmers with a bright and eccentric, yet somewhat pared-back synth lead, catchy 808 beats and Banoffee’s own effects-soaked vocal. It’s certainly more emotive and restrained than her previous material, yet retains her idiosyncratic quirkiness.

Take a look at the lyric video for ‘Never Get To F*ck Any1’ below:


A press release notes that Banoffee aimed to encapsulate “feelings of amusement and absurdity” with the lyrics, as she “deals with the unspoken second part of breakups – realising that you won’t get to have the best sex of your life again”.

“I wanted the record to track a couple of different emotions,” Banoffee explained. “It goes from like, ‘You don’t love me enough’ to like, ‘Shit, I’m never gonna have sex like this again’, which is really materialistic and quite funny.”

‘Never Get To F*ck Any1’ is Banoffee’s third single for the year, following ‘Tapioca Cheeks’ back in May and ‘Idiot’ in July. All three tracks will appear on the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming second album, ‘Teartracks’, slated for release on October 22 via Prim8.

‘Teartracks’ comes as the follow-up to Banoffee’s debut album ‘Look At Us Now Dad’, which came out last February and was recently bestowed the AIR Independent Music Award for Best Independent Dance or Electronica Album or EP.


NME labelled the debut effort one the best Australian albums of 2020, with writer Jackson Langford praising Banoffee for the way she “expresses her inner turmoil with devastating frankness superimposed over sparkle-driven spot-lit electropop”.

Banoffee followed the release of ‘Look At Us Now Dad’ with a remix EP last July, and then a collection of demos in October.