Bartees Strange performs ‘Boomer’ for ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

The song is taken from his 2020 debut LP, 'Live Forever'

Washington, DC singer Bartees Strange has made his debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers, performing his track ‘Boomer’.

The performance sees Bartees Cox Jr. backed by a full band, wearing green in a completely green room, a possible reference to his all-red music video for the song.

Watch the performance below:


‘Boomer’ is lifted from Bartees Strange’s debut album, ‘Live Forever’, released back in October. The record was included in NME’s list for the best 20 debut albums released in 2020.

“The record resists conforming to genre at every turn, blending shades of indie rock, hip-hop, punk, country and more – often within the same song. It’s more than just a signifier of Cox’s varied musical appetite: it’s a deliberate defiance of the racist pressure on Black artists to subscribe to a single mould,” NME’s Mia Hughes wrote.

The album follows on from Bartees Strange’s debut EP, ‘Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy’, released earlier in the year, containing covers of songs by The National.

Speaking to NME, Cox said ‘Live Forever’ was recorded in just two weeks in New York, with the singer wanting complete control over its production.


“I remember going to studios and being the only Black kid in the studio. I remember feeling like people didn’t know how to handle my voice, they didn’t know the references I was making,” he said.

“That’s when I started being like: ‘I gotta figure out a way to do everything on my own.’”

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