BATTS announces new album ‘The Nightline’

She's also shared new single 'Call It What It Is', following on from April's Sharon Van Etten collaboration 'Blue'

BATTS has announced her second album ‘The Nightline’ will arrive in October. The follow-up to 2019’s ‘The Grand Tour’ will be released October 14 on Mistletone in Australia, and BATTS’ own label, I Feel Fine Records, in the UK.

To coincide, the singer-songwriter – real name Tanya Batt – has shared new single ‘Call It What It Is’. In a statement, Batt explained that the song was written on piano after being hit by a car caused a significant left hand injury that resulted in her being unable to play guitar.

“I find moving and dancing to be so healing. I really wanted to create a song that hits you right in the chest and makes you want to move every part of your body,” she said.


“This song feels like a fierce sort of movement, like you really need to move to the sounds. They aren’t pretty, they are forceful in a releasing sort of way and perfectly placed together to help you move. I hope this song helps people get something out – release something from their body they have been keeping inside.”

‘Call It What It Is’ marks the second single to be released from ‘The Nightline’, after Batt shared the Sharon Van Etten duet ‘Blue’ in April.

The collaboration stemmed from the pair meeting each other in 2019, when Batt opened for Van Etten for the latter’s show at Hamer Hall in Melbourne. It’s one of two collaborations that feature on ‘The Nightline’, with Deep Sea Diver appearing on the track ‘Linger’.

‘The Grand Tour’, Batt’s last album, was a concept record about the Voyager Mission in which she collaborated with NASA, utilising samples that had been collected from the mission. In May of 2020, she followed it up with a cover of David Bowie‘s ‘Space Oddity’.

BATTS’ ‘The Nightline’ tracklist is:

1. ‘The Nightline’
2. ‘All That I Need’
3. ‘Summer In London’
4. ‘Blue’ (feat. Sharon Van Etten)
5. ‘Call It What It Is’
6. ‘Broken Toes’
7. ‘Reassess The Marks’
8. ‘Warm Wine’
9. ‘Temporary Selfish Behaviour’
10. ‘Free’
11. ‘Linger’ (feat. Deep Sea Diver)
12. ‘Keeping On’