Baz Luhrmann talks Elvis Presley’s “direct connection” to K-pop

The director added that he is currently working with K-pop idols to release new music

Baz Luhrmann, writer and director of the musical biopic Elvis, has shared how Elvis Presley has connections with K-pop.

The director recently sat down for an interview with South Korean television program MBC News, where he spoke about Presley’s “direct connection” to the K-pop music industry. “The fact that the [American] GI’s brought rock and roll into Korea early on and it mixed with local talent,” Luhrmann said regarding Presley’s connection to K-pop.


This isn’t the first time the director has drawn parallels between Presley’s career and the K-pop industry. In a separate press conference held with South Korean media outlets, Luhrmann described Presley as the “first-ever idol.”

“K-pop culture began with Elvis in the 1950s,” Luhrmann said, per The Korea Times. “He was the first-ever idol. We become conscious that business is important, but an artist’s soul is the most important thing.”

Later during his interview with MBC News, Luhrmann revealed that he was currently working with “K-pop icons” for upcoming music. A release date for said collaboration, however, has yet to be announced.

Although the director has not named which idols he is working with for the collaboration, there are speculations about Luhrmann possibly working with Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa after the former made several Instagram posts and stories with the director and his labelmate.

In other news, K-pop boyband ATEEZ have shared a first look at the first album in their forthcoming ‘The World’ series. Earlier this week, the group shared the first glimpse at their upcoming record’s new concept through a trailer set in a dystopian world.

‘The World Ep.1: Movement’ is set to arrive on July 29, and will mark the first instalment of ATEEZ’s brand-new ‘The World’ series.