Beabadoobee speaks out on anti-Asian hate: “I’ve experienced it throughout my entire life”

And she talks about working with The 1975 for new song 'Last Day On Earth'

Beabadoobee has spoken about her experiences as an Asian woman amid the wave of activism resulting from recent racial hate crimes.

The musician, born to Filipino parents in the Philippines and raised in London, has opened up about how she formerly felt ashamed of her identity, alongside commenting on the need for better conversations and education about race.

When Beabadoobee was asked by Billboard on Thursday (March 25) what her reaction was to rise of Asian American hate crimes in the US, she responded: “I’m very aware of what’s happening in America. In 2020, there was a big rise in Asian hate crimes in London as well. It’s horrible that it’s happening all over the world. It started to make me feel scared of going out.


“I am a woman and I am also Asian. I could go out and get assaulted and also get beaten up because of my race. That’s a terrifying thought, but it’s the reality we’re living in right now. People need to be educated in what’s going on and on how to support the Asian community.”

She added that she’s experienced racism “throughout my entire life as an Asian woman”.

“A guy can be overtly sexual to me, but also include my race at the same time. It makes me crazy. Why do you say you wanna fuck me but also say you want to fuck me because of my race? It’s so gross. I’ve heard it even when I was underage.”

Beabadoobee 1975 single
Beabadoobee, 2021. CREDIT: Callum Harrison/Press

Beabadoobee, whose real name is Beatrice Laus, added that she harboured “internalised racism” while growing up.

“I hated the fact that I was Asian. It makes me cringe every time I say that. Why did I ever think that?” she said.


“I used to wear foundation to cover my skin. There are literally whitening products in the Philippines. It’s so fucked up. It helped that I managed to find a group of girls at school who made me love who I was. I started finding my music, my own fashion sense, and then stopped giving a fuck about trying to fit in with all the other girls. ”

Laus added that she overcame disliking being Asian once she started writing music. “If at least one Asian girl picks up a guitar after seeing me, that means I’ve done my job.”

Elsewhere in the interview Laus discussed writing her new single ‘The Last Day On Earth’ with The 1975‘s Matty Healy and George Daniel. The song features on her forthcoming EP ‘Our Extended Play’ due sometime this spring.

Beabadoobee. Credit: Getty

She explained the track is “an over-exaggeration of what we would’ve done, had we known that the world was gonna end up like this,” with regards to the coronavirus crisis.

“We were inspired by the feeling of alienation and what we would’ve done if knew lockdown was coming.”

She added that creating the track “was really fun!”

“Matty and me were friends — along with George — so it was a comfortable atmosphere from the get-go. It was super chill. I’d never collaborated with anyone, so it was nice having a calm and happy atmosphere to share ideas, listen to advice, and essentially grow as an artist.”

Beabadoobee’s new EP ‘Our Extended Play’ does not have a release date but is expected this spring.

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