Beatles and Metallica mash-up band Beatallica announce new album

The new album arrives in November

Beatallica, a Metallica and Beatles mash-up band, have announced a new album.

The group will release their fourth studio album, ‘The Devolver Album’ on November 12 via Metal Assault Records.

The band will release a music video for the album’s lead single, ‘Wherever And Everywhere’ on October 1. It will arrive via the group’s YouTube channel.


Fans can pre-order the album now here; all digital and physical album pre-orders come with an instant download of the group’s new single.

Speaking about the new album, the group said (via Blabbermouth): “Beatallica are stoked to finally be releasing ‘The Devolver Album’ after many years of arranging, re-arranging, and deranging concepts!

“Our relationship with Metallica has been a blessing and we thank them for their support and allowances.

“‘The Devolver Album’ will have all the elements of past Beatallica recordings plus more. Listeners will pick up on the mash-up between original music and lyrics and Metallica compositions along with Beatles sensibilities, style, and influence. Thrashy, heavy, clever, subversive, and hesh, of course!

You can see the track listing here:


‘The Devolver Album’ track listing:

‘Play Me Overdrive Guitar’
‘Never Borne’
‘Wherever And Everywhere’
‘Hesh Today’
‘Here Comes Revenge’
‘B. C. H. C.’
The Damning Of Helleanor Hippie’

Reviewing Metallica’s recent tribute album – where numerous artists cover Metallica tracks, NME said: “Once it’s all over, with the help of a decent online support group, or a saint’s patience, you can pick out a fantastic tribute to one of metal’s sacred texts. Maybe even two.”