Bec Stevens shares eruptive new single ‘A Stranger’, announces debut album

The 12-track ‘Big Worry’ will be out in March

Adelaide singer-songwriter Bec Stevens has shared her second new song for the year – an eruptive indie-punk tune titled ‘A Stranger’ – alongside the details for her forthcoming debut album, ‘Big Worry’.

In a press release, Stevens explained that her new single – the second from ‘Big Worry’, following the release of the title track in September – is about “overcoming being made to feel like you’re hard to love, but particularly with the help of people who now care about you with an ease that felt deeply unfamiliar for a long time”.

She continued: “It’s told in retrospect, hinging on a series of realisations. When I wrote this song, I thought it was about a specific person, but I realised it related to many people who have walked in and out of my life. This song is my guilty pleasure. This song is my version of a cat slowly pushing something off a bench top while making eye contact with you… it felt like the hugest weight off my shoulders to give myself permission to speak.”


Have a listen to ‘A Stranger’ below:

As for the album, ‘Big Worry’ is slated for release on March 17 via Damaged Records. On what to expect from it, Stevens said: “You don’t have to be an old BS fan to know I spill my guts out in my music; trauma dumping with a backing track. This piece of work is something I am incredibly proud of from start to finish, which is not something I’ve ever experienced!

“I cover a lot on this record, and I had a lot of help physically and mentally from so many people that I’m very grateful for. Hell, I moved states for this record. Not only did I never think I’d ever put out an album, but I also didn’t believe I’d ever be able to work with another person on my music.“

Several tracks on the album – including ‘A Stranger’ and the title track – were produced by Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart (with whom Stevens collaborated on their ‘Race Car Blues’ track ‘Safety Switch’). In addition, all 12 tracks featured production (and performances) from Cry Club’s Jonathon ‘Jono’ Tooke.

“Working with Jono is the best choice I ever made,” Stevens continued in her statement. “We spent two days a week in his studio for a whole year. Tearing my songs apart, putting them together and then tearing them apart again until we got it right. Jono opened so many doors for me in regard to my writing. He sat and listened to why each song was important to me and made sure that every one hit with the impact it needed to.


“We sat and shed tears in silence multiple times because besides what we created being fucking fantastic, my word, is it painful. I feel my age in this album which I always thought was scary, but it’s actually really cool. When it finally comes out, I hope people find something in it.”

Have a look at the cover art and tracklisting for ‘Big Worry’ below, then find pre-orders for it here.

1. ‘A Stranger’
2. ‘Big Worry’
3. ‘Blackout’
4. ‘Seddon’
5. ‘Nightreader’
6. ‘Creep’
7. ‘Overcast’
8. ‘Thank God You’re Here’
9. ‘Growing Pains’
10. ‘James Song’
11. ‘You & Me’
12. ‘Gold Star’