Becca Hatch blends jungle beats with gentle balladry on new single ‘Safety’

Hatch initially wrote the track for a friend “just to let them know that I need them to be there for me”

Western Sydney R&B artist Becca Hatch has shared a colourful new single titled ‘Safety’, blending ethereal acoustic guitars and ghostly keys with punchy, jungle-influenced drum beats.

Over the track’s minimalist, atmospheric soundscape, Hatch sings: “I don’t need this stress / I don’t need you calling my line / I don’t need this press, hey / I don’t need you up in my vibe / But I just need you here / I fall back on you.”

Take a look at the visualiser for ‘Safety’, produced by Thom Crawford, below:


Speaking to POPSUGAR upon its release this morning (October 6), Hatch explained that ‘Safety’ was first conceptualised two years ago, written for a friend “just to let them know that I need them to be there for me” as she was “struggling to become an artist and become independent”.

She continued: “I just turned 18, so I was going through it, and I originally wrote this song as an R&B song. It was straight to guitar, and then I showed it to my mentor Howie, and he straight away had this crazy idea of doing a jungle version of the track. So he sent me back a demo with drums on it, and my mind was blown. It was the exact kind of story I was trying to tell.”

‘Safety’ comes as Hatch’s third single for 2021, following ‘Please U’ (featuring hip-hop trio Planet Vegeta) back in February, and her collaboration with B Wise, ‘B The One’, in June. Both tracks’ featured artists are local to Hatch, who’d previously shouted out her batting grounds of Campbelltown on the track ‘2560’.

Last July, the singer-songwriter appeared on triple j’s Like A Version segment, performing a cover of the John Farnham track ‘Burn For You’.