Ben Lee enlists Washington for humourous new single ‘Parents Get High’

The accompanying music video stars Thelma Plum, Georgia Maq and Lauren Lapkus

Ben Lee has shared ‘Parents Get High’, the third single from his forthcoming album ‘I’m Fun!’, as well as a half-animated music video with several cameos.

The single, released today (June 15), features vocals from singer-songwriter Megan Washington – marking the first time the pair have worked together on a song. It follows the release of ‘Born For This Bullshit’ with Sad13 last year, as well as ‘Like This Or Like That’ from this past April. All three songs will feature on ‘I’m Fun!’, Lee’s 14th solo album, which is set for release in August.

The song has been accompanied by a new music video, directed by Byron Spencer – who worked with Lee on the ‘Born For This Bullshit’ video. The partially-animated clip sees Lee’s real head superimposed onto the cartoon body of a young child. Washington also makes an appearance as a party guest, as well as Thelma Plum, Georgia Maq and Emily Wurramarra. The video also features American actors Paul Scheer and Lauren Lapkus, who play Lee’s parents. Watch it below:


In a press statement, Lee explained that the song’s autobiographical lyrics stemmed from “the way kids perceive adults altering their consciousness”.

“It’s complicated and mysterious – why do grown-ups do what they do?,” he said. “It’s nothing I know the answer to, but it is fundamental to human nature. Every culture in human history has altered their consciousness in some way.” Lee also quipped that the song’s music video was made up of “documentary footage”, and that “absolutely no special effects were used in the making of this video”.

Lee is currently back in Australia ahead of the titular ‘Parents Get High’ tour, which begins on Friday night (June 17) at the Esplanade Ballroom in St. Kilda. Lee is also promoting Weirder Together, his new podcast that he co-hosts alongside his wife, actress Ione Skye. The pair have announced a launch party for the podcast in Sydney, which will take place at Cafe Freda’s on June 29.