Benee and Adele among Australia’s most dangerous celebs to search online

According to cybersecurity firm McAfee

Benee and Adele have been named among the most dangerous celebrities to search for online in Australia.

According to annual research from cybersecurity firm McAfee, Adele’s name is the most likely to trigger harmful links or unknowingly download malware to your computer.

Anna Kendrick and Drake clock in at number two and three respectively, while actor Cara Delevingne sits in fourth place.


TikTok’s popularity this year pegs platform star Charli D’Amelio at number five, and ‘Supalonely’-singer Benee in eighth place. The rest of the top ten includes Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Camila Cabello and Beyoncé.

The survey calculated the danger associated with Googling each celebrity using the Google API Console to search for popular mobile, PC and platform games coupled with negative search modifying terms, like “[celebrity] + torrent” or “[celebrity] + nudes”. The resulting websites were then assigned a risk of “high,” “medium” and “unverified”, and given a corresponding score.

“Consumers’ fascination with pop culture could be putting them at risk as cybercriminals hone in on increased searches for celebrity news and new release entertainment,”Alex Merton-McCann, Cyber Safety Ambassador ANZ at McAfee said in a press release.

“Deceptive practices such as fake websites promising free content can lead unsuspecting consumers to malicious sites purpose-built to steal valuable, personal information or take over devices. Now more than ever, it is crucial consumers stay vigilant and always think before they click to protect their digital lives.”

In a UK edition of the same survey last year, Billie Eilish and Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams were among the most dangerous.