Bodysuit Beyoncé wears in official ‘Renaissance’ artwork created by Brisbane designer

"I couldn't believe it," said Brisbane designer Bethany Cordwell

One of the outfits Beyoncé wears in official artwork that accompanies her new album, ‘Renaissance’, was created by Brisbane-based designer Bethany Cordwell.

Physical copies of Beyoncé’s new album, which arrived last Friday (July 29), feature a collection of photographs in which the singer is shown wearing disco-inspired looks by a range of designers. One of those designers is Cordwell, who created the black-and-white bodysuit Bey wears in one of the images.

The striking bodysuit was made with 12,000 scales that were hard-cut from plastic document folders and sewn on. In the photo, Beyoncé matches the garment with black and white sunglasses and earrings.


Cordwell, a 26-year-old who works as a costumier with Queensland Ballet, told the ABC that she was contacted by Beyoncé’s styling team about the bodysuit, but didn’t know whether or not her piece had made the cut until the album was released last week.

She said Beyoncé’s team had discovered her work through an Instagram account that showcases emerging designers. “I had held my breath for a couple of months, hoping that it would make the final cut and I’m so thankful that it did,” Cordwell explained.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s incredible that she is wearing my piece — someone who is just a relatively small designer still trying to establish myself,” she added. “It’s unimaginable, but I’m just so happy that it happened the way it did, and I’m so excited that’s how people are really noticing my work – through her.”

In a four-star review of ‘Renaissance’, NME called Beyonce’s seventh studio album a “remarkable record” that “continues leading the charge to bring Black culture back to the forefront of house and dance scenes.”