Beyoncé celebrates “all different shades of brown” in new ‘Brown Skin Girl’ video

"It was important that we are all in this together and we’re all celebrating each other"

Beyoncé has shared a new video for ‘Brown Skin Girl’ – watch it below.

The track appears on the singer’s recent visual album ‘Black Is King’, and features Kelly Rowland, Naomi Campbell, her daughter Blue Ivy and actor Lupita Nyong’o.

“It was so important to me in ‘Brown Skin Girl’ that we represented all different shades of brown,” Beyoncé said of the video while appearing on Good Morning America, before the video premiered on the show.


“We wanted every character to be shot in a regal light … It was important that we are all in this together and we’re all celebrating each other.”

See the statement and watch the video below.

Reviewing ‘Black Is King’, NME wrote: “Coronavirus has taken it out of us all, and for black folk all over the world it’s been an especially rough few months, the world finally waking up to the injustices that we’ve been shouting about for years. Some days it seems like a Beyoncé figure could cure it all, but we don’t need her to be a politician or a president.

“Her high-end interpretation of a childhood classic is unlikely to emancipate the oppressions of us regular black folk, but what it does is provide a moment of levity and recognition, delivering entertainment in its most creative of forms.”


It was recently revealed that Beyoncé had to revise her plans for ‘Black Is King’ because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were planning to add more to the story,” director Kwasi Fordjour said of the disruption, which stopped production travelling to South Africa for the film.

“We had to table that idea and really look at everything we had and go, ‘OK this is what we’ve got, here is the messaging, here is the story. How can we enhance this?’ We had the key ingredients and all of those things helped tell the story the way we told it.”