Bia and J. Cole share video for new UK drill inspired track ‘London’

"It was my favourite song and I only heard it one time" J. Cole said

BIA and J.Cole have shared the video for their new single ‘London’. Watch the video below.

The video for the “braggadocious” track, which is also said to be “highly influenced by UK drill” in a release, was recorded in an overcast London.

In the clip, the American rapper, born Bianca Miquela Landrau, goes shopping, has a tea party, and raps British slang while hanging out in the capital.


“He never met no one like me / It’s pretty funny how now they all like me, innit?” she says in the track, before Cole joins her, rapping: “Blokes going broke tryin’ to keep up with Cole, but I make it back soon as I spend it.”

The theme of luxury in the video, is similar to the subject matter of BIA’s 2020 platinum single, ‘Whole Lotta Money’ which Nicki Minaj remixed on the deluxe version of her ‘For Certain’ EP.

“I damn near didn’t even wanna put this clip up cuz I need everybody to hear this shit PURE. How I heard it!” J. Cole said in an Instagram post about ‘London’.

He added: “I Asked BIA to come through the studio for some whole other shit. First time meeting her. We chop it up. She plays me this new song she had just did. Mannnnnnn in that moment I was blown away.”

He went on to say that he thought about the song for a month, calling it his “favourite” even though he’d only heard it one time. Cole then shared that he loved the track so much, he wanted to collab on it.


“When the thought and conversation came up about me adding a verse, I was excited but genuinely nervous cuz I didn’t even see how the song could be better after what she did to it,” he said. “I didn’t want to fuck nothing up! I’m grateful I Ended up catching the right wave.”

Cole is no stranger to collabs. In January, he teamed up with Benny The Butcher, for the single ‘Johnny P’s Caddy’.

“Any rapper will tell you when you’re working with someone like Cole, it’s like a match of wits; you gotta go crazy, because you know he is,” Benny said about working on the collaboration. “Iron sharpens iron. You want it to be an environment where someone has the presence to push you. It’s dope!”

J. Cole has plans to play multiple festival dates in the coming months, including New York City’s Governors Ball in June and London’s Wireless Festival in July.

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