Biblemami launches ‘Unpleasant Adolescent’ EP with new single ‘Outsider’

The up-and-coming pop artist’s debut EP landed yesterday

Canberra-based pop artist Biblemami has dropped a rousing new single titled ‘Outsider’, sharing it alongside the launch of her debut EP, ‘Unpleasant Adolescent’.

Steering the track is Biblemami’s own soaring lead vocal, the 18-year-old emphatically riffing on the ups and downs of adolescent life over a colourful soundscape of glassy keys, scattered guitars and punchy, yet pared-back drum beat.

On the infectious chorus of ‘Outsider’, Biblemami sings: “I’m an outsider / I’m a good liar / Lend you my lighter / So you say that you’re one of us / ’Til you say that you’re one of us / I’m an outsider / I’m an outlier / Pulling all-nighters / Just to feel like I’m good enough.”


Have a listen to the track below:

‘Outsider’ comes as Biblemami’s second new track for the year, following ‘Bunny’ back in August. Both tracks appear on ‘Unpleasant Adolescent’, which landed yesterday (October 22) via Dew Process / Universal.

In a press release, Biblemami called the EP “a love letter to my teenage years of sorts”, noting that she’d written it between the ages of 14 and 17. “In a way [it] mirrors and communicates all the facets of my experiences as a teenage girl,” she continued.

“Now that I’m 18, I’ve finished high school, I can drink, all of that – but I can also look back on this love letter [four] years in the making, and in doing that, I feel every feeling I did when I wrote each of the songs.


“I didn’t even think I’d MAKE it to (legal) adulthood, and it feels so bittersweet but so right to share my unpleasant adolescence with the world.”