Big Hit Music accused of using producers as “free labour” for TXT’s comeback

One also called Big Hit Music a “giant industry machine”

Producer and musician Gupi has accused Big Hit Music of pitting producers “against each other” to work on music for K-pop boyband TXT. Big Hit Music has yet to respond to the allegations.

On July 22, American electronic musician Gupi alleged in a string of now-deleted tweets  that the South Korean entertainment agency had reached out to a number of producers to work on songs for TXT. However, the company purportedly did not inform the producers that their songs might not be used and, as a result, they may not be compensated if their tracks do not make the final cut.

“[K-pop] band TXT pitted a bunch of hyperpop producers against each other without telling any of them and I’m curious who got chosen to do the beat,” Gupi wrote, as archived by Koreaboo. “I didn’t and spent weeks on it so I’m leaking the info lolololol.”


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Screenshot credit: Koreaboo / Gupimusic on Twitter

Later, producer Kevin Brim replied to Gupi’s tweets, claiming that he was one of the producers Big Hit Music had approached. Brim noted that the agency asked his team to write six tracks for TXT. “[I know] they reached out to other people in our lane. I wonder who prevailed,” he added.

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Screenshot credit: Koreaboo / BrevinKim on Twitter

In his response, Gupi called Big Hit Music a “giant industry machine” and accused the South Korean company for using “extremely up-and-coming artists for [pretty] much free labour”.

Estonian-American producer Umru, who is known for his work with Charli XCX and on PC Music, also chimed in with his thoughts in response to Gupi, saying that he thinks Big Hit Music “literally got everyone [to work on music for TXT]”.


NME has reached out to Big Hit Music for comment and will update the story.

TXT are set to make their comeback next month with a new repackage album, ‘The Chaos Chapter: Fight Or Escape’. It’ll likely feature new songs added to the original tracklist of the boyband’s second full-length album ‘The Chaos Chapter: Freeze’, which was released in May.

Meanwhile, TXT made their first appearance on the Billboard Pop Airplay chart earlier this month with their first English-language track ‘Magic’. They are one of only five K-pop groups to appear on the chart, following BTSBLACKPINKLOONA and MONSTA X.