Big Skeez links up with Gold Fang for new single ‘Where Yuh From’

The latest release from Nina Las Vegas' NLV Records

Sydney-based artists Big Skeez and Gold Fang have collaborated on a new single, entitled ‘Where Yuh From’.

The single, released today (September 22), is Big Skeez’s second single of the year. It follows on from his solo debut ‘No Trace’, which the rapper released in July. ‘Where Yuh From’ marks the first time that Big Skeez and Gold Fang have worked together on a song. In fact, the latter joked in a press statement that it also doubles as “the first time a Sudanese and a Trinidadian have ever made a song together.”

The song has been released on NLV Records, the imprint of Australian DJ and producer Nina Las Vegas. She makes a cameo in the video, alongside the song’s co-producer and co-writer Korky Buchek. Other Sydney-based artists such as Lil Spacely, Jaytee and Dante Knows also appear in the video.


Watch the video for ‘Where Yuh From’, directed by Murli Dhir, below:

In a press statement, Big Skeez explained that ‘Where Yuh From’ is “about embracing where you’re from and being proud of [it],” as well as “coming together as one [to] make some changes.”

“The lyrics mean everything,” adds Gold Fang, “as it represents my real life.”

Speaking on the creation of the music video, Dhir explained that his vision was to “make something that reflected both Skeez and Fang’s identities,” touching on “their cultural background plus the Western Sydney influence.”


“This track is so big,” he said, “so naturally, I wanted to make visuals that were equally as wild as the song.”

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