Big White’s Elmo Aoyama makes solo debut with new single ‘Summertime’

Her debut EP 'Spells' is set for release later this year

Elmo Aoyama, best known for her vocals, synth and bass contributions in Sydney alt-pop band Big White, has made her solo debut today (April 30) with a single titled ‘Summertime’.

Listen to the track below:


According to a press release, ‘Summertime’ was inspired from a tranquil post-tour respite in Eastern Europe.

“It was the beginning of Spring and the end of a tour,” said Aoyama.

“The water was warm, the surf was flat, it felt easy to swim one or two kilometres out into the ocean. Gazing to the north you could see faint shapes of a land in the distance. That land was Turkey. The shore behind was Lapithos, Cyprus. I swam back and got on a bus with some of my closest friends. Summertime was written in my head on that bus.”

According to Aoyama, the song was musically inspired from a variety of artists including The Knife, Dirty Three, Yann Tiersen, Miharu Koshi and more.

“‘Summertime’ is the longing one gets after a short glimpse of the other side. It’s the bittersweet taste of paradise nestled beyond diplomatic confusion,” she continued.

The song was recorded in Aoyama’s home studio in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, and was mixed and mastered by Snowy (The Ocean Party/Snowy Band). ‘Summertime’ will feature on Aoyama’s debut EP, ‘Spells’, which will drop later this year through Dinosaur City.


‘Summertime’ is the latest and final song from ‘Stay Inside — Songs from The Great Indoors,’ a joint compilation album from Australian labels Osborne Again, Dinosaur City, Spunk, Blossom Rot, Hotel Motel and Inertia. The compilation is available to stream and/or purchase on Bandcamp, with all proceeds going directly to the contributing artists.