Big White’s Nick Griffith shares sunny solo single ‘Something I Once Heard’

Griffith's first original song of 2021

Singer-songwriter Nick Griffith from jangle-pop quintet Big White has shared his first original song of 2021, entitled ‘Something I Once Heard’.

The single follows on from Griffith’s cover of Kate Bush‘s ‘Hounds of Love’, which he shared in June. It also follows on from the recent release of ‘Way Off!’, the debut studio album from indie supergroup Bored Shorts – of which Griffith is also a member.

‘Something I Once Heard’ was written and produced entirely by Griffith, who also handled most of the song’s arrangement and instrumentation in his home studio based in Port Kembla, a southern suburb of Wollongong. Backing vocals were provided by Body Type‘s Sophie McComish and Classic’s Ashley Bundang.


Listen to ‘Something I Once Heard’ below:

In a press statement, Griffith noted that the song was written after a holiday in Europe, and reflecting on the places he had visited while touring with Big White.

“I had a lot of memories of when we were so young and the world was growing before our eyes,” he said.

“I had a conversation with Elmo [Aoyama, Big White’s keyboardist] at one point about that first trip where we learned so much about the world and ourselves, and how it would never be the same.


“It got me thinking about how I’d been fantasising about reliving those memories, which was impossible. I wrote ‘Something I Once Heard’ about these thoughts I’d been having about my past, and my memories not being as sacred and desirable as I’d imagined them to be.”

Griffith released his debut solo album, ‘7am’, in March 2020 via Dinosaur City Records, the independent label founded by Big White bandmate Cody Munro Moore. Per the press release, Griffith has begun work on its follow-up, with ‘Something I Once Heard’ serving as its lead single.