Big Words are back with a brand new mixtape, ‘Cherry’

Marking the return from a three-year silence

Melbourne outfit Big Words have marked their return today (July 31) announcing the release of a brand new mixtape, ‘Cherry’.

The mixtape, according to a press release, was originally the discarded leftovers of the forthcoming debut album from the duo – Will Scullin and Kieren Lee. Conceived during isolation, ‘Cherry’ then “took on a life of its own”.

“We played with the idea of making a record at home, even though we didn’t have a set up,” Big Words said. “Eventually the idea gauged some more elaborate thinking and it became very possible that we could start the next morning.”


“It’s heavily inspired by insecurity, solitude, sexuality and friendship. There isn’t much essence of heartbreak here, but maybe more so what happens before and after,” explains frontman Will Scullin.

Listen to ‘Cherry’ opener ‘The Edge’ now:

In releasing ‘Cherry’, a hybrid of alt R&B and indie-pop, Big Words mark their first release since their 2017 debut EP, ‘Hollywood, a Beautiful Coincidence’. They were discovered the previous year by Ghostface Killah during Wu-Tang Clan’s tour of Australia.

Since then, the group have gone on to support the likes of Tash Sultana and Hobo Johnson, as well as making festival appearances at Beyond The Valley and Wildlands & Grapevine Gathering.