Bigsound unveils new creative space for First Nations artists

The premiere will feature the likes of Aodhan, Birdz, CLOE TERARE and more

BIGSOUND have announced the launch of a new virtual creative space, First Nations House, today (October 15). The initiative was established to dedicate more open spaces to music and community for First Nations artists.

In partnership with Spotify, the BIGSOUND First Nations House premiere event will be a series of virtual showcases entitled ‘Dreaming Loud’.

Eight specially selected Indigenous artists, all of whom featured on The BIGSOUND50 lineup, will perform on Wednesday, October 21 and Thursday, October 22 in a filmed-on-country showcase. The events are also set to include the likes of Aodhan, Birdz, CLOE TERARE, Kee’ahn, Matalja, Oetha, Southeast Desert Metal and The Yorke Band.


Following Dreaming Loud, the entertainment will continue with a DJ set featuring special guest Dameeeela.

There will also be a special performance presentation by Indigenous Music West at Manitoba Music.

In a press release, Spotify’s Artist & Label Partnerships Manager, Jonathan Harrison, said, “Against the backdrop of the pandemic we have seen significant impact to the music industry with the impact to First Nations artists disproportionate.

“We are extremely proud to advocate for Indigenous music through our partnership with BIGSOUND to bring First Nations House back to this year’s event.

“By providing a space to nurture and support Indigenous music, we can showcase the creativity and diversity of First Nations artists, driving broader engagement within the music industry.”


First Nations Producer and Programmer, Alethea Beetson, added that “as the industry re-futures, it is imperative that spaces like BIGSOUND and Spotify support, promote and celebrate Indigenous artists and the music they make.”