Listen to Biig Piig’s funky new track ‘Feels Right’

It's her third official single of 2020

Biig Piig has shared her latest single, ‘Feels Right’ — you can hear the new song below.

This new offering is the London-based Irish artist’s (real name Jess Smyth) third official single of the year, following on from ‘Switch’ and ‘Don’t Turn Around’.

Smyth is currently working on her debut album as Biig Piig, and she’s furthered her growing momentum today (November 18) by releasing ‘Feels Right’, which you can hear below.


“‘Feels Right’ is a track about the energy of a night out. I miss going out so much,” Smyth explained.

“The feeling of letting go and being surrounded by sweaty people; meeting strangers and one-night romances; the tunes and ecstasy. Feel like pure shit just want her back.

“So we made ‘Feels Right’ with that in mind. The closest we can get to that feeling again right now is writing about it.”

As well as the three official singles, last month saw Biig Piig dropping two tracks, ‘Oh No’ and ‘Liahr’.


In a press release, Smyth explained that ‘Oh No’ was written “about a timely feeling”.

“The safest place to be was my room – when I get paranoid or anxious or upset, hiding away felt like the easiest thing to do. Which is mad, because then quarantine happened and that literally was the safest place to be,” she said.

“‘Oh No’ is about being sad but also lockdown, unintentionally.”