Bill Callahan shares ‘Pigeons’ ahead of new album, ‘Gold Record’

The famed songwriter is releasing a new track from the album every Monday

American singer-songwriter Bill Callahan has released the first single from his forthcoming ten-track album, ‘Gold Record.’

The single, titled ‘Pigeons’, sees Callahan sings about a pair of newlyweds asking for advice. In the track, Callahan pays homage to both Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen’s ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’.

Listen to ‘Pigeons’ below:


Last Friday (June 26), Callahan casually announced details of his next album on Twitter, saying ‘Gold Record’ would be arriving on September 4.

He then followed up with another tweet saying “a new song from the album will be released every Monday for nine Mondays”, before adding “the tenth song prefers for you to come to it on the LP/disc/cassette etc”.

‘Gold Record’ marks the seventh solo studio album from Callahan, with his last record being 2019’s offering, ‘Shepard in a Sheepskin Vest’. He has previously released another 14 albums as part of ’90s band Smog.

NME gave Bill Callahan’s most recent release a four-star review, saying the album was “a long time coming, but well worth the wait”. In the review, Callahan was applauded for being “one of America’s modern greats when it comes to songwriting” and “a lyrical genius” that “explores birth, death and everything in between, and ties it all together so acutely that what at first seem like mere musings eventually turn into a deep meditation on the nature of existence itself”.

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