Billie Eilish reveals Daniel Craig was “really involved” in approval process for her ‘James Bond’ theme

She'll perform 'No Time To Die' for the first time at tonight's BRIT Awards

Billie Eilish has revealed how involved Daniel Craig was in the approval process for her James Bond theme, ‘No Time To Die’.

Produced by her brother Finneas, Eilish released her highly-anticipated theme for the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die, last week. It features Johnny Marr on guitar, plus orchestral arrangements by Hans Zimmer and Matt Dunkley.

The ‘Bad Guy’ singer will perform it for the first time at the BRIT Awards tonight (February 18), and she’s admitted that she’s “scared” to do so.


In a new interview with BBC Breakfast, Eilish said, “I’m so scared. We’ve never performed it ever, so it feels so weird that it’s in the public, especially now that I’m performing it and I’m hitting a note I’ve never hit before. I’m scared.”

Going on to discuss Bond actor Daniel Craig and his involvement in the theme song, Eilish revealed that he was “really involved” in its approval process.

“He has a big say in it,” she said. “We learned that from this. He’s really involved. We haven’t met him but he’s got to like it before they move on.”

Eilish’s brother Finneas added: “He had to like it. If Daniel doesn’t like it then you don’t get the job.” He also revealed that ‘No Time To Die’ was written and recorded “on a tour bus in Texas. (It took) about three days.”

James Bond No Time To Die
Credit: Nicola Dove.


Elsewhere in the interview, Billie Eilish revealed that she has stopped reading comments posted on her Instagram account.

When asked by presenter Louise Minchin if she “still reads everything on Instagram”, Eilish said she recently stopped reading comments on the social media site.

“It was ruining my life,” she said. “Once again.”

Finneas added: “I think you might see someone like a famous celebrity and you may think, ‘Sticks and stones, nothing I say is going to be potent to them… but it’s all very equal online.”

Meanwhile, Lewis Capaldi recently said that he would be interested in penning the next James Bond theme song.

The ‘Someone You Loved’ singer made the revelation after discussing Billie Eilish‘s new Bond theme.