Billie Eilish’s home blurred on Google Street View after visits from stalker

Eilish was granted a restraining order against the stalker earlier this month

Billie Eilish‘s home has reportedly been blurred on Google Street View after she obtained a restraining order against a trespasser who visited her home seven times.

The 18-year-old singer, who still lives at her family home in Los Angeles, was granted the temporary order against 24-year-old Prenell Rosseau earlier this month.

The bungalow has now been blurred on the online map, as well as VirtualGlobeTrotting.Com, where a message reads: “This map’s location has been removed for privacy concerns.”


She follows the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Lily Allen and Jimmy Page, who have also had their homes blurred by the search engine amid security and privacy concerns.

A Google spokesperson told The Sun: “If a person sees that their face or license plate requires additional blurring, or if they would like us to blur their entire house, car, or body, they can submit a request using the ‘Report a problem’ tool.

“We have developed cutting-edge face and license plate-blurring technology that is designed to blur identifiable faces and license plates within Google-contributed imagery in Street View.”

Billie Eilish Animal Crossing
Billie Eilish performs live (Picture: Getty)

Google doesn’t currently allow people to have images completely removed from the web, but will blur images if a genuine privacy issue concern arises.

It comes after Eilish was granted the restraining order against Rousseau, who repeatedly visited her home earlier this month.


Rousseau first appeared uninvited, ringing the doorbell and asking if Eilish lived there. After Eilish’s father told him no, Rousseau returned to the house later that evening and exhibited “erratic behaviour”.

According to court documents acquired by TMZ, the singer said “while we waited for security, Mr. Rousseau remained on our porch, sat down and began to read a book, while also continuing to engage in a periodic monologue. My father repeatedly asked him to leave, but he refused…”

The judge’s order stipulates that Rousseau must stay 200 yards (182 metres) away from both Eilish and her parents and cease all attempts at contact. A hearing has been scheduled for June 1.

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