Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ becomes a ‘Good Guy’ when played in a major key

It's unexpectedly upbeat...

Billie Eilish‘s ‘Bad Guy’ has a way more positive vibe when played in a major key, and one YouTuber has recorded the very proof of it.

Upon release in 2019, the track was responsible for catapulting Eilish to global stardom and went to number one in more than twenty countries across the globe.

But, as YouTube user TheDreRock shows, it is unrecognisable when played in a major key.


Instead of Eilish’s whispering vocals, it sounds unexpectedly wholesome and a million miles from the darkness of the original track.

In Dre’s video, he is seen playing the track on a series of different instruments including guitar, bass and violin in order to provide the new sound.

He said of his effort: “I wish this didn’t take as long as it did.”

It’s the latest spin on Eilish’s music to emerge recently. Yesterday, it emerged that Eilish’s Bond theme ‘No Time To Die’ has been given a unique twist, after a YouTube user covered it in the style of Chris Cornell‘s own Bond effort.


That in turn followed on from ‘Bad Guy’ being performed in the style of Arctic Monkeys‘ singer Alex Turner.

Eilish will head out on her world tour later this year, taking in four dates at London’s O2 Arena.