Billie Marten announces new album ‘Flora Fauna’ with rollicking single ‘Garden Of Eden’

"It’s a song of growth"

Billie Marten has shared details of her third album, ‘Flora Fauna’, and previewed it with zippy new song ‘Garden Of Eden’.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter, whose last album was 2019’s ‘Feeding Seahorses By Hand’, will return with its follow-up on May 21.

Marten has today (January 28) posted the music video for ‘Garden Of Eden’, which was made with Lydia Poole. The clip is a montage of desktop vignettes seemingly collated across the various lockdowns of the past year.


Marten explains of the song: “It’s a song of growth, and competition to evolve as individuals in an increasingly suffocating and vacuous society. I liked the idea of humans growing up like tomatoes in the greenhouse, needing water and oxygen and space, but not getting any of it. The idea of seeking the natural elements and needing only that to survive plays into my constant dichotomy of living urban or bucolic.

“The choruses act as a burst of relief to allow space to breathe and to express that want of living right. This was one of the first pivotal songs for me as the general sentiment breeds happiness and optimism, which is something I wasn’t particularly familiar with thus far.”

‘Flora Fauna’ tracklist:

01. ‘Garden Of Eden’
02. ‘Creature Of Mine’
03. ‘Human Replacement’
04. ‘Liquid Love’
05. ‘Heaven’
06. ‘Ruin’
07. ‘Pigeon’
08. ‘Kill The Clown’
09. ‘Walnut’
10. ‘Aquarium’


‘Flora Fauna’ is released on May 21 via Fiction Records.

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