Birds Of Tokyo guitarist Adam Spark makes solo debut with ‘In Closure’

His debut album, 'Snow vs Mountain', is slated for release later in 2022

Adam Spark – guitarist and founding member of Birds Of Tokyo – has launched his solo career with his debut single, ‘In Closure’.

The song marks a significant departure for Spark from Birds Of Tokyo’s pop-rock sound. Instead, the instrumental and piano-based composition incorporates elements of neo-classical music and post-rock.

‘In Closure’ also features contributions from Sleepmakeswaves guitarist Otto Wicks-Green and English composer Audrey Riley. It will appear on Spark’s debut solo album, ‘Snow vs Mountain’, which has been projected for a 2022 release.


An accompanying music video has been released for the single, directed by Ken Weston. The video is composed of Super 8 footage of blossoming flowers and nature, as well as vintage television clips. Watch it below:

In a press statement, Spark noted that the song was themed around “hope and forward movement”, which he said was “born out of the stillness which follows life’s low moments”.

“It felt right to launch this ‘Snow vs Mountain’ project with this piece after the last couple of difficult years that we, as humanity, have all shared together,” he said.

“There is always light ahead of us, and so I wanted this work to bloom and blossom and glow with big, beautiful strings to remind us of this.”

Spark will premiere more material from ‘Snow vs Mountain’ in two weeks as part of Vivid Sydney. The live album preview will take place at the Cell Block Theatre in Darlinghurst’s National Art School. Tickets for the performance are on-sale now, and are available here.


Birds Of Tokyo’s most recent single was ‘Smith Street’, which arrived earlier this year. Last year, the band released ‘Superglue’, a collaboration with Stand Atlantic.