BLACKPINK’s Rosé shares behind-the-scenes videos from ‘On The Ground’ MV

In celebration of the MV hitting 200million views

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has shared behind-the-scenes videos from the shoot of her ‘On The Ground’ MV in celebration of it hitting 200million views on YouTube.

On July 13, Rosé’s music video for ‘On The Ground’ reached 200million views on YouTube. The single is one of two tracks from her debut single album ‘R’, which dropped in March. Yesterday (July 15), the Korean-Australian singer took to Instagram to thank her fans.

She uploaded several behind-the-scenes clips from the video, including one of her running through fireworks. “Thank you all so much, she wrote. “I wanted to find all the cool behind the scenes videos I had on my phone, so I’m sorry that it took me a while to post about this.”


The BLACKPINK vocalist went on to recount her experience filming the music video, describing the scene where she ran through fireworks as “one of the most frightening but exhilarating experiences” of her life. “I was SO happy with the results for this scene. This has to be one of my favorite scenes from the whole video,” Rosé added.

She also expressed her gratitude to BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fanbase) for their support. “Thank you for always being patient with me and supporting what I love to do,” the singer wrote. “I am forever grateful to have you guys to call my loyal friends.”

Earlier today, the BLACKPINK member uploaded pictures of a pink electric guitar gifted to her by singer-songwriter John Mayer after she covered one of his songs. “Life is complete,” she said, tagging him in an Instagram story.

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