Bliss n Eso double up with two new tracks ‘So Happy’ and ‘Send It’

Their second and third songs of the year

Bliss n Eso are back with two new tracks, ‘Send It’ and ‘So Happy (feat. SonReal)’.

The tracks, released today (November 13), are the hip-hop outfit’s second and third of the year. They follow on from ‘Lighthouse (feat. Jake Isaac)’ which was Bliss n Eso’s first new track in three years upon its release in August.

For ‘So Happy’, Bliss n Eso enlisted Canadian rapper/singer-songwriter SonReal to appear as a featured artist. It’s the first track on which he has teamed up with the Aussie hip-hop veterans.


Listen to both ‘So Happy’ and ‘Send It’ below.

In a press release, MC Bliss said that “‘So Happy’ for me is all about those amazing blissful moments in life where you are so exquisitely happy yet something in the back your mind tells you something isn’t quite right.”

“Even though you know this, you don’t care and lose yourself in the moment.”

MC Eso added that the track allowed him to “express my feelings about the joy and excitement of bringing a beautiful child into the world!”

Bliss n Eso performed ‘Lighthouse’ live for the first time on ABC’s The Sound. They appeared alongside Guy Sebastian, Tones and I and others in the season finale of the new music show’s first series.