Body Type get steely in new single ‘The Charm’

The third cut from their forthcoming debut album 'Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing's Surprising'

Body Type have dropped a steely new single titled ‘The Charm’ – a snarling, biting middle finger to conventional standards in the music industry.

The song – on which hard-hitting beats make way for some raging antics and sleazy punk-rock melodies – dropped alongside an official music video, in which the band rock out while singer-guitarist Sophie McComish waits for her car to be freed from a ditch.

Watch it below:


In a feature interview with NME earlier this week, Body Type said today’s single was “written in response to a music industry bore who once told the group that their charm would wear off if they didn’t practise playing their instruments”.

McComish explained: “That is me challenging the male ego and trying to emulate it from a female perspective. That’s all that it’s trying to do – the wankiest, shreddiest moment I could possibly write.”

‘The Charm’ is the latest cut to be lifted from Body Type’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’, following the release of earlier singles ‘Sex & Rage’ and ‘Buoyancy’.

Out May 20, ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’ is, per Body Type’s interview, meant to be played to an audience. It took a short time to lay down the tracks, McComish said. “It only took us like eight days, we just went in and smashed it out and completed a project together completely self-funded.


“I keep using the word empowering, but it did feel very empowering.”

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