Body Type tackle “moral ambiguities” on jaunty new single ‘Buoyancy’

The band’s debut album, ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’, is out in May

Sydney outfit Body Type have shared a brisk new single titled ‘Buoyancy’, described by vocalist-bassist Georgia Wilkinson-Derums as “a personal reminder that when certain things are rendered uncertain, those you love are an eternal rudder”.

Aptly titled, ‘Buoyancy’ is loose and lively, framed around catchy vocal melodies and overdriven riffs sitting somewhere between biting post-punk and groovy surf-rock. Its accompanying video shares the sentiment – replete with a scratchy VHS aesthetic and DIY looseness – comprising shots of the band jamming along to the track while swimming and building sandcastles at a beach.

Check out the video for ‘Buoyancy’ below:


Expounding on the concept behind ‘Buoyancy’, Wilkinson-Derums explained that the song “started as a playful text message exchange” between herself and co-guitarist/vocalist Annabel Blackman. “In many ways,” she said, “the song is about grappling with internal inconsistencies and moral ambiguities in an incoherent style.

“It’s had a few iterations – when I brought it to the group it had more of a slow Big Star spirit. Soph[ie McComish, co-guitarist/vocalist] and Annabel made it more angular, more tongue in cheek with the guitar, which further injects the song with distorted meaning.”

‘Buoyancy’ comes as the second track shared from Body Type’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’, following lead single ‘Sex & Rage’ last month. The album itself is due out on May 20 via Poison City Records.

Recorded across an eight-day period in early 2020, the LP was produced by Jonathan Boulet of the bands Party Dozen and ARSE. It marks the band’s first release since 2019’s ‘EP2’.


Ahead of its release, Body Type will play tracks from ‘Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising’ on a three-date tour of so-called Australia hitting Sydney, Port Kembla and Fremantle. Details for that run can be found on the band’s website.