BOLEYN makes a simmering return with new single ‘Violence’

BOLEYN's first single in over a year

Sydney pop artist BOLEYN has spent most of 2020 quiet, but now he has made his return with his new single ‘Violence’.

Evoking a similar sort of summery haze to Lana Del Rey, BOLEYN – real name Brent Martin – sings over production helmed by Clockwork Odyssey.

In addition to the new single, Martin has directed his own video for the song which is set to premiere at CLIPPED Music Video Festival early next month.


Listen to ‘Violence’ below:

“‘If he loves me, why won’t he hurt me?’ A friend was complaining her partner wasn’t being aggressive enough in the bedroom and that seed buried itself in my mind,” Martin explains of the song in a press statement.

“‘Violence’ is fundamentally about consent. How do we communicate our sexual needs? What boundaries do we set? How is that expressed? What anxieties do we harbor about communicating our true desires?

“(The song) is about letting go everything except your needs and communicating those with honesty – you want bruises? You want it to hurt? To leave a mark? Cool, I’m game – you just need to ask.”


BOLEYN teases that he’s been spending the majority of isolation working on new material, writing with Xavier Dunn, as well as working on a new live band setup.

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