Bones and Jones release two new singles from forthcoming album

Their 9th and 10th singles of 2020, respectively

Geelong sextet Bones and Jones have shared two new songs: ‘Heaven in the Home’ and ‘No More Worries (Oh Yeah)’.

Both songs, released today (November 30), will feature on the band’s third album, ‘Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)’. The band initially announced the album in July, beginning a string of single releases throughout the year with ‘Today’ and ‘It’s Time’.

Two more singles, ‘Reckless’ and ‘Broken Swings and Roundabouts’, followed in August. September saw the band release ‘Feel Better Now’ and ‘Crown of Thorns’. ‘Victims of the Squeeze’ and ‘Learn to Dance’ then arrived in October.


Today’s single releases sees the band’s prolific output total 10 of the album’s 14 tracks. The next two months will see the four remaining singles released. ‘Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)’ will collate all of the songs on one release in February.

Listen to the two new singles below:

Band member Jasper Jolley said in a statement that ‘Heaven in the Home’ was about “checking in on your mates”.

“Being a young man, it hasn’t been hard to find someone close to me who has struggled [with] or been affected by depression,” he said.


“It’s one of our softer songs, but also one of my favourites.”

The band have also shared a new video for ‘Heaven in the Home’, directed by William Kingma.

Watch it below:

‘Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)’ is set for release on February 24 via Bonsai Records.