Boo Seeka and Golding share debut collaborative single ‘Don’t Waste Your Love’

Accompanied by a "labour of love" music video

Production duos Boo Seeka and Golding have teamed up for their first collaborative effort, ‘Don’t Waste Your Love’.

The single, released today (April 21), follows on from the groups working together on a mash-up performance of their most recent singles – Boo Seeka’s ‘Never Enough’ and Golding’s ‘Alone. Together’.

Its release is accompanied by a new music video, which Boo Seeka’s Michael May described as “a labour of love.” Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery directed the video, which was filmed at the Miami Marketta on the Gold Coast.


Watch the video below:

The song was co-written by Boo Seeka’s Ben Gumbleton and Golding’s Jay Bainbridge, following a conversation between the two detailing their recent personal struggles.

“I guess, for both of us, the best way to deal with that stuff is to write about it,” said Gumbleton in a press statement.

“That’s exactly what we did. The whole song was written in 20 minutes.”


Bainbridge adds that, from his own perspective, the song stemmed from a “tough time” in his life.

“I was experiencing this uncomfortable anxiety that made me feel detached from both my surroundings and my emotions,” he said.

“Not being able to feel the love of my family around me created a shocking yet somehow empty feeling, to the point where it was almost a physical numbness.”

The song’s emotive core is reflected in the music video, which sees all four men from each group together at a party surrounded by mannequins.

“It’s like how you’d act if you did have anxiety at an event,” says Matt Bartlem of Golding.

“You just pretend like everything is fine, but inside your head is like a storm brewing.”