Bootleg Rascal drop fresh single ‘Falling Star’ featuring Saint Lane

The final track from their staggered EP ‘Collaborations of Very Isolated Delinquents “19'

Bootleg Rascal have dropped a fresh single today (August 28), ‘Falling Star’, featuring guest vocals from Saint Lane.

‘Falling Star’ is the capstone from their staggered EP ‘Collaborations of Very Isolated Delinquents “19′. It follows on from the release of singles ‘Oh So Cool’, ‘Milk In My Bowl’, ‘We Independent’ and ‘Lonely Times’.

Listen to ‘Falling Star’ now:



The track sees the Gold Coast duo collaborate with up and coming singer Lane, as well as A. GIRL. On collaborating with the artists, Bootleg Rascal frontman Carlos Lara said, “Falling Star’ is one of our favourite tracks from the record, so to have them come in and lay down their parts is really special to us.”

In a press release, Lara discussed the origins of the song, explaining,”[It’s] a metaphor I coined for when you’re smitten by someone you’ve just met, but it eventually all just fizzles out. I’m a hopeless romantic, so if I meet someone I click with, I like to start exploring whether there’s a legit connection or not.

“Sadly, sometimes the more you get to know the person, you realise they’re not right for you. Just like a falling star, it’s beautiful and exciting, but over really quickly.”


Bootleg Rascal are set to perform at the Big Pineapple music festival in November.