Bootleg Rascal set October release for new album ‘Sloppy Seconds’

An album of reimagined gems from the duo’s catalogue, with a notable Sublime influence

Sydney genre-benders Bootleg Rascal have announced their third studio album, ‘Sloppy Seconds’, set for release on October 29 via the band’s own Bootleg Records.

The record will feature both of the duo’s 2021 singles, ‘All About You’ (featuring Saint Lane) and ‘Therapy’ (featuring Citizen Kay and MAXINE), alongside reimagined tracks from 2016’s ‘Asleep In The Machine’ and 2018’s ‘Anómino’, plus EPs ‘Psychotica’ and ‘Collaborations Of Very Isolated Delinquents “19’.

Speaking to The Music, guitarist Jimmy Young said the album’s unique concept was one he’d wanted to explore for some time. “When the world stopped, I started to really think about projects I’ve always wanted to do but never had enough time for,” he mused.


“One thing on the bucket list was to have made a record which embraced the whole ‘something old, new, borrowed’ concept.”

Young cited Sublime as a key inspiration for ‘Sloppy Seconds’, saying the Californian ska band were “a big part of why [he] first started playing music in the first place”. He noted that the posthumous 1997 album, ‘Second-Hand Smoke’, is one Young was particularly enamoured by.

“The record was released not long after frontman Bradley Nowell’s death,” Young explained, “and follows a similar concept where it shines a light on remixed and recycled tracks. It really gives another perspective and take on some of their classics, and as a fan that’s something I really enjoy. Here’s hoping our fans feel the same.”

Tomorrow (August 27), Bootleg Rascal are set to release the third single from ‘Sloppy Seconds’, a Spanish remix of their track ‘Sharks’. The song was first released seven years ago on the ‘Psychotica’ EP.

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