Braille Face releases sophomore album ‘Original Cast Recording’

His first LP in four years

Melbourne-based musician Braille Face has released his sophomore album, ‘Original Cast Recording’, today (September 16).

The ten-track record is his first in four years, and is the follow-up to his 2016 debut album ‘Kōya’.

Braille Face, real name Jordan White, has been sharing singles from ‘Original Cast Recording’ since early this year, including cuts ‘You, Tornado’, ‘Softly Spoken’, ‘Love, You Don’t Know What You Love’, ‘Over It’ and ‘Man’.


Listen to the full album below:

The record was compiled over the past few years as White travelled across Melbourne, Oslo, Japan and New York. According to a press statement, ‘Original Cast Recording’ is “a document of a turbulent but ultimately hopeful period” in White’s life.

“The album title comes from something my mother told me when I was 15 years old,” he explained in a statement.

“I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety and in order to soothe me onto the idea of medication, she said: If you break your leg, you put it in a cast. This is the same thing.”

“This narrative stuck and came to help define who I have been for most of my adult life – the part my mother left out was the part where you have to eventually take off this cast once it’s healed.”


It’s the second piece of work White has released this year. In April, he dropped an eight-track EP titled ‘Content’, collecting songs that didn’t make ‘Original Cast Recording’.

“They weren’t going to see the light of day, but in the spirit of the moment: bang, here they are,” White wrote in an accompanying statement. “Maybe these songs give you something you can use in the months ahead.”