‘Brazen Hussies’ compilation album released, featuring rare ’70s-’80s Australian feminist music

Featuring music from the documentary film and more

A compilation of Australian feminist music from the 1970s and ’80s from the documentary film Brazen Hussies – about the Women’s Liberation Movement – and beyond has been released today (November 6).

It was reported earlier this year that Milk! Records artists Courtney Barnett and Evelyn Ida Morris would soundtrack the film, however due to scheduling conflicts and the coronavirus pandemic they were unable to complete it.

Amanda Brown, formerly of The Go-Betweens, took the role of composition, while Chapter Music’s Guy Blackman worked with feminist music historian Dr Kathy Sport to produce the broader contextual album, ‘Brazen Hussies – Songs from the Film – and More’, out today.


Stream and purchase it below.

Per a press release, much of the music featured on the compilation was taken from rare, and often poor sound-quality recordings – many of the artists did not record more than a few tracks in their careers, and some never worked in a recording studio.

The soundtrack spans from the early ’70s to the early ’90s, expanding on the film’s focus on the Women’s Liberation Movement from 1965-1975. It features tracks from Robyn Archer, Clitoris Band, Stray Dags, Hens Teeth and many more.

Blackman and Dr Sport wrote liner notes for the compilation and on the period which come with any purchase of the record.


The film Brazen Hussies, directed by Catherine Dwyer, is currently in cinemas nationally, apart from Victoria.

The tracklist of ‘Brazen Hussies – Songs from the Film – and More’ is:

  1. Toxic Shock – ‘Intoxicated’
  2. Judy Small – ‘To Be A Woman’
  3. Hens Teeth – ‘Keep On’
  4. Stray Dags – ‘Self-Attack’
  5. Clitoris Band – ‘Mother Who’s That Man?’
  6. Natasha Koodravsev – ‘Women Break-Out’
  7. Pip Porter – ‘Between Women’
  8. Jan Cornall & Elizabeth Drake – ‘Better Than Het’
  9. The Ovarian Sisters – ‘The I.P.D.’
  10. Lavender Blues – ‘Lesbian Nation’
  11. Foreign Body – ‘Nothing Yet’
  12. Jen Short – ‘Witch Song’
  13. Robyn Archer – ‘That Good Old Double Standard’
  14. Glen Tomasetti – ‘Woman Is Moving’