Breathe share a powerful message in new single ‘Grace’

A tribute to the twin of member Sean Walker

Sydney electronic-soul duo Breathe have released a new single today (July 24), a moving tribute track with a powerful message entitled ‘Grace’.

Breathe (stylised as breathe.) have dedicated this song to Tommy, twin of guitarist/percussionist Sean Walker, who in 2018, experienced a horrific motorcycle accident.

“The night of the incident, an incredible team of paramedics, nurses and doctors worked tirelessly to bring them back,” Walker said in a press statement.


“As I sat in the intensive care unit, I was told that they might not wake up, and I had to contemplate the devastating possibility of losing my other half.

“This film is a celebration of Tommy’s survival and strength, their queerness, and their community who love and care deeply for them.”

Accompanied by a stunning music video, the clip features Tommy dancing inside Sydney’s Red Rattler Theatre, a space that “is important to Tommy and to Sydney’s queer community” and where “Tommy felt safe and comfortable to be wholeheartedly and completely themselves,” Walker said.

“A place where they found their family, and their identity.”

Watch the moving video for ‘Grace’ below:


“After spending months in a wheelchair with a broken back, ribs and pelvis, nerve damage, and brain injury, Tommy can once again move and express themselves freely, and the video celebrates this,” concluded Walker.

Forming in 2018, Breathe is comprised of Walker and bass guitarist/producer Andrew Grant. Today’s release follows on from two singles released last year, ‘Haze’ and ‘London’ and 2018’s debut release ‘Are You All Good?’.