Listen to Brendan Maclean’s new single ‘Gemini’

A collaboration with Melbourne producer Yeo

Brendan Maclean has shared his latest single ‘Gemini’, a collaboration with Melbourne producer Yeo.

It’s a shift from the disco-tinged stylings of previous single ‘Easy Love’, which arrived back in May and saw Maclean draw on the likes of Chic and Dee-lite for inspiration. Comparatively, the Sydney songwriter’s latest is a shimmering, synth-heavy slice of big electro-pop.

The new single is accompanied by a cosmic lyric video created by filmmaker Angus Whalan, which you can check out below:


“We recorded the original vocals before lockdown, but I flip-flopped on them for almost a year,” Maclean commented in a press statement.

“I asked absolutely everyone for advice on Gemini, put down a bunch of takes that just didn’t stick and ended up resenting the song altogether.”

“Only after I paid a fresh round of invoices did I listen back to our first session and think, ‘Ah crap! That was the one.’ Yeo probably knew all along, so I’m very grateful to him for being so patient.”

Maclean’s last studio album was 2019’s ‘And the Boyfriends,’ on which he worked with producer and musician Sarah Belkner. The album included a large roster of collaborators, including Kira Puru, Ainslie Wills, Jess Cerro and Donny Benét.