Brian Eno, Architects’ Sam Carter on new season of Savages’ Fay Milton’s climate action podcast

The second season of the Music Declares Emergency co-founder's 'Sounds Like a Plan' podcast launched earlier this week

Brian Eno, Architects vocalist Sam Carter and Charlotte Church are among the guests who will appear on the second season of Fay Milton’s Sounds Like a Plan podcast, which premiered earlier this week.

The podcast – hosted by the Savages drummer and activist, along with journalist Greg Cochrane – focuses on how the music community is confronting the climate crisis.

It was launched in March of this year, and guests during its first season included Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien, The 1975‘s manager Jamie Oborne and Heidi Leffner, of FEAT (Future Energy Artists) and formerly of Cloud Control.


Other upcoming guests for the podcast’s second season include climate campaigner Lauren Sullivan and Eilidh McLaughlin of climate action collective Clean Scene.

Milton has been heavily involved in climate activism for some time. In 2019, she co-founded Music Declares Emergency, a group of artists and other music industry professionals and organisation who “stand together to declare a climate and ecological emergency and call for an immediate governmental response to protect all life on Earth.”

Speaking to NME later that year, Milton stressed the urgency with which climate change needed to be responded to, particularly by government.

“To use Greta Thunberg’s analogy, the house is on fire, and there isn’t time for whoever started the fire with their cigarette to quit smoking before saying the house is on fire – it’s on fire now, and we need to fix this,” she said.

“Our government aren’t responding, and that’s a huge thing… People are getting used to the word ’emergency’, but we shouldn’t – it really, really is an emergency. Every single day that we’re not doing something, it’s putting the world in more danger.”


Music Declares Emergency’s No Music on a Dead Planet campaign has since been backed by the likes of Billie Eilish and Foals, as well as having shirts designed by Thom Yorke and Joy Division artist Peter Saville.

In April of this year, a number of artists spoke out in support of the movement’s No Music on a Dead Planet campaign.

“We support Music Declares Emergency over here at the Squid camp because global warming is the biggest threat to humanity the world has ever seen,” Squid bassist Laurie Nankivell told NME. “As musicians we hope to be one of the leading forces for change, as we all need to change right now to make this work.”

Declan McKenna meanwhile, said: “I’m backing Music Declares for a greener music industry, and a greener world. This November in Glasgow world leaders will decide on our future at COP26. It’s past the time for serious commitment to green energy, green jobs and a greener, safer future.”

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