Brisbane outfit SOAP drop debut single, ‘Memento’

Ahead of a larger body of work

Up-and-coming indie rockers SOAP have released their debut single, ‘Memento’.

In a press statement released today (July 31), the debut offering is described as “powerful, intelligent and flat out cheeky”.

“‘Memento’ was a song that naturally fell into place,” said lead guitarist/vocalist Tom Megalos.


“In turn, its themes feel personally impersonal. We all have somewhere to be, just sometimes the hardest part is knowing where that is.

“Time is so precious, yet something that we all battle against. With this, we are interested to see how people interpret their own meanings onto the song.”

The track was produced by James Angus and mastered by BUGS’ Brock Weston, with an official music video slated for release on August 14.

Listen to ‘Memento’ below.

Hailing from Wynnum, QLD, SOAP have been performing together since they were 15 years old. Now all 19 years old, SOAP boast a lyrical maturity in their new single and say they have a live set raring to go when social distancing restrictions ease.


“This is a great taste of what is to come and what is to stay,” the band said.

‘Memento’ will be included as part of the band’s yet-to-be-named debut EP, due out February 2021, with another single lined up for release this November.

‘Memento’ by SOAP is available to stream here.