BROCKHAMPTON are teasing that they have something new on the way

The Roadrunners era has begun...

BROCKHAMPTON have shared a new teaser clip which appears to signal that they have new music coming very soon.

The Texas group’s last album was 2019’s ‘Ginger’, which followed their earlier ‘Saturation’ series. Last year, they released a mixtape called ‘Technical Difficulties’ which was made up of eight tracks they made in lockdown.

First teasing their return back in January, BROCKHAMPTON shared a new video on their Instagram page. It opened with an old computer screen being zoomed into as a cursor was faced with two options: “new light” or “old light”.


When “new light” was selected, the image of a person hurtling through a tunnel and landing in a cave appeared. Blue silhouettes sprung up around them while a snippet of new music played. “Who let the dope boys out?” Was the only lyric included in the clip.

As the video finished, the words “The light is worth the wait” appeared on the screen.

Today (March 11), the group have uploaded a fresh 46-second teaser clip called ‘Meet The Roadrunners’, which appears to feature a part of a new rap track.

In the clip, the group – who are all wearing blue jackets – are seen congregating outside of a convenient store. The video then switches to what looks like some sort of teleportation device with someone exiting it.

Kevin Abstract confirmed via his Instagram Story that the teaser marks the start of BROCKHAMPTON’s new era. Other than that no other information was shared.


Last year, Romil Hemnani of the group said BROCKHAMPTON were working on an album with the initials RR.

Speaking to i-D, he said: “We’re always working on an album. I can’t say much about it, but I can say that the initials of it are RR. Maybe the fans will figure out what it is. I’m excited about it, it’s my favourite one yet.”