Watch Bruce Springsteen perform ‘Land Of Hope and Dreams’ during Joe Biden inauguration TV special

Springsteen performed his 1999 track solo outside the Lincoln Memorial during 'Celebrating America'

Bruce Springsteen was among the performers who took part in last night’s Celebrating America TV special (January 20) to honour Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration – you can watch Springsteen perform ‘Land Of Hope and Dreams’ below.

Biden was officially inaugurated as the 46th US President yesterday, with the subsequent Celebrating America programme featuring performances from the likes of Foo Fighters, Demi Lovato and John Legend.

Springsteen opened last night’s Celebrating America TV event by playing his 1999 song ‘Land Of Hope and Dreams’ at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C..


“I’m proud to be here in cold Washington D.C. tonight,” the musician said ahead of his performance. “I wanna offer this small prayer for our country.”

You can watch Springsteen’s acoustic version of ‘Land Of Hope and Dreams’ below.

Earlier in the day, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez both performed live during Biden’s inauguration ceremony at the US Capitol.

Gaga performed a stirring rendition of the US national anthem, while Lopez gave a passionate performance of ‘This Land Is Your Land’ and ‘America The Beautiful’ ahead of Biden being sworn in.


Last night also saw the reunion of the New Radicals, who played together live for the first time in 22 years to mark the Biden inauguration.